• Doctor in Physiotherapy. Professor at Universidad de Chile.
  • Title: Tenure Professor. Universidad de Chile
  • Assistant Professor. St. Augustine University, USA.
  • Doctor in Physical Therapy (St. Augustine University, USA)


  • Dean of the Rehabilitation Science School at Universidad Andres Bello, Santiago, Chile.
  • Head of Physical Therapy and Physical & Medical Rehabilitation
  • INTEGRAMEDICA, Santiago, Chile
  • Professor of Head Neck Biomechanics
  • Orthodontics Post graduate Program, Odontology School, Universidad Andres Bello, Santiago, Chile.
  • Director of CEDIME (Study Center for Bone and Muscle Disorders), INTEGRAMEDICA
  • Manual Therapy Program for Healthcare Professionals
  • Head Neck Facial Pain Program for Dental Professionals


  • Head Neck Articular Treatment (Spanish Edition), published by Intermedica, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1979
  • Bone and Muscle Approach for Maxillary and Facial Pain, published by Lippincott, USA, 1991
  • Exercise and total wellness for the vertebral and cranio-mandibular disorders, published by IFORC, 1990 Santiago, Chile
  • Exercise for total wellness. Mobilization – Stabilization. IFORC, 1994 Santiago, Chile
  • Exercises to Treat Vertebral and Cranio-mandibular Disorders (Portuguese edition). Published by Clasica Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1995
  • Kinesiology Principles in Orthognathic Surgery (CEDIME, Study Center for Bone and Muscle Disorders), INTEGRAMEDICA, Santiago de Chile


  • Member of National and International Scientific Academies
  • Honorary member of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain
  • Honorary member of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
  • Founding Member and ex-President of the Chilean Academy of cranio-mandibular disorders and facial pain
  • Founder and honorary member of the Brazilian Academy of cranio-mandibular, cranio-cervical and facial pain disorders
  • Founding Member and ex-President of the Ibero Latin American Academy of Head and Neck Facial Pain
  • Founding Member of the Italian Academy of Cranio-mandibular and Orofacial Pain
  • Honorary member of the Argentinian Association of Physiatry and Kinesiology
  • Honorary member of the Colombian Association of Physiotherapy
  • Honorary member of the Chilean Society of Orthodontics
  • Member of the American Academy of ORTHOPEDIC MANUAL THERAPY
  • Pattern of the Manual Therapy Norwegian Group. Australia


  • CRANIO Journal. For cranio-mandibular practice. Chattanooga, USA
  • Orthopedic manual therapy journal. Churchill Livingston.

Participation in II Fascial Connection

Presentation: “Contemporary treatment of craneomandibular pathology and craniofacial pain. High esolution computer tomography; a tricentric concept”.  November 7.

Class: “Atlas Occipital Downtown Relationship – Axis and Central Craniomandibular Relationship“. November 8-9.