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III International Congress Fascial Connection

In our third international congress we propose a new vision of the human being and of how physical, emotional and psychological trauma affect the lives of human beings and the fascial system.

With several world leaders in the scientific search for trauma, as well as physical movement and manual therapies, our congress will offer the latest in the approach to trauma from a physiological, psychological and physical point of view.

Our origin is guided by the founder of Osteopathy (A.T. Still) and Osteopathy. For this reason, this time we will have the opportunity to learn more about our roots from the hand of the greatest connoisseur of osteopathic history and Andrew Taylor Still, Jason Ross Haxton (USA).

Our holistic vision of body-mind-spirit, leads us to face in times that run a fundamental aspect of life, Trauma.
Every year psychological and psychiatric pathologies are added, as well as pathologies of the body and mind. In addition, never in history has it been studied so much how a trauma (physical, emotional or psychological) can affect human life, taking us to the deepest depths of the corporate abyss.


4 days of full immersion in face-to-face mode and also online!

On this occasion we offer the 1st day of plenary in person and online, as well as some of the courses that the invited speakers will offer us.
Face-to-face places are limited and registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
The possibility of seeing the first day online as well as an online workshop is open. You only have to register for the available workshop that you like the most.

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Countdown to the beginning of the Congress!

Our origin as Congress is guided by A.T.Still, (founder of Osteopathy) and Osteopathy. For this reason, on the occasion of our 3rd Congress, we wanted to offer the possibility of knowing our roots better, from the hand of the maximum connoisseur of osteopathic history and Andrew Taylor Still, Jason Ross Haxton (USA). Together with him, we will have other well-known International Speakers, with whom we will enjoy these magnificent 4 days.

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