Marilupe Campero (México)

Marilupe Campero Escribir aqui... Participación en III Fascial Connection Ponencia: Método Feldenkrais®: "Autoconciencia a través del movimiento ATM". Curso: "Fisioterapia Hipopresiva nivel 1 o niveles 1 y 2". Otros Ponentes [...]

José Luis Pérez Batlle, DO (Spain)

José Luis Pérez Batlle Diploma in Osteopathy and Professor of the SIO, Professor and Co-founder of the first University School of Osteopathy of Murcia, President and Professor of the Upledger Institute Spain [...]

Jason Haxton (EUA)

Jason Ross Haxton Jason Haxton, MA, DO (hc) has been the director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine since January 2001. In addition to managing the Museum that was created in 1934, [...]

Matías Chahab (Argentina)

Matías Chahab Matías Chahab is an osteopath, graduated in Italy from the “Ecole Francaise Supérieure d’Ostéopathie” (EFSO / EGSO). As an osteopath he knows, works and manages all the systems of the [...]

Marcel Caufriez (Belgium)

Marcel Caufriez Expert in Rehabilitation of Women - Sexologist, creator of the Hypopressive Method, Neuromiostatics, Peripartum, Physiosexology and Caufriez Concept. Specialist in the prevention and treatment of bodily and emotional dysfunctions related [...]

Johannes Frieberg (Brazil)

Johannes Freiberg Formed in Physical Education in 1983 by the University of São Paulo (USP). He was an athlete and coach for the São Paulo and Brazilian national teams of Caratê. He works [...]

Jean Pierre Barral (France)

Jean-Pierre Barral He is a Doctor in Osteopathy, a Member of the French Osteopaths Registry and a Physical Therapist. He is the creator of the manual treatment method that he himself calls Visceral [...]

Jean Claude Guimberteau, MD (France)

Jean-Claude Guimberteau He is co-founder and scientific director of the Institut Aquitain de la Main, and former President of the French Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (2011-2012) (SOFCPRE). Dr. Guimberteau was trained [...]

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