Courses of the 3rd Fascial Connection Congress

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IMPORTANT: The price of those registered for the face-to-face and online courses is present on the first day of Presentations!

The courses will begin at 09:00 and will end at 17:00. Depending on the teacher, this schedule could be longer or anticipate the start of the course one hour. These changes will be communicated on the first day of the course.

Face-to-face participants will receive the chosen course manual on paper and students registered online will receive it in PDF.

The participants to the face-to-face courses will have as any face-to-face course two “coffee breaks” as a gift. Lunch breaks will be at the student’s expense.

In the online courses, as well as the day of online lectures, exactly the same certificates will be obtained as in the lectures and face-to-face courses, only in “digital format”. Likewise, the courses carried out in the Congress are official and recognized. In the same way are their certificates, to be able to continue the official training, if they wish, in the different Institutes or with the Professors who teach the courses.

All those enrolled in the courses, both online and in person, “WILL RECEIVE TWO CERTIFICATES”:

1) Certificate of the Presentations.

2) Certificate of the chosen Course.


* Instead, students who choose to follow Marcel Caufriez’s complete training of “Hypopressive Physiotherapy 1 and 2” and Johannes Freiberg’s complete training of “Fascial Dynamics and Physical Activity in Aging 1 and 2” will receive 3 certificates: one for the Presentations and another two for the courses carried out.

To receive the certificates in person, you need a minimum of 90% attendance to the course. Otherwise, the professor of the chosen course could refuse to deliver the certificate without the right of reply from the student and without refund of the money from the organization.

We are all Fascial Connection


Jason Ross Haxton

Jean-Claude Guimberteau

Marcel Caufriez

Johannes Freiberg

José Luis Pérez Batlle

Matías Chahab

Jean-Pierre Barral

Sue Carter

Marilupe Campero

Stephen Porges

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Advanced Visceral Manipulations: “Trauma” (AVMT)

Neuromeningeal Approach 1

Hypopressive Physiotherapy

Fascial Dynamics and Physical Activity in Aging

Manual Therapy for the Polyvagal Theory from Stephen Porges I

Feldenkrais® Method: “Self awareness throught the ATM® movement“

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