“Decodification of the fascia 1” is the class that the French osteopath, Serge Paoletti DO, will give us..

In recent years, interest in the study of fascias has been growing and different articles, as well as research, show that this subtle system is involved in all areas of the human body.

In addition, understanding the complexity and subtlety of fascias, in the broadest sense of the term, pushes the boundaries of osteopathic treatment.

Fascial treatment is what connects all osteopathic techniques. For greater efficiency, it is necessary to understand how this complex system works.

For this reason, it is necessary at the beginning to make a review about embryology, anatomy, pathology, mechanics of the fascias, to finish in the last chapter seeing that the fascia works according to a system of tensegrity.

We will also see that, through the fascial chains, we can access the energy system.

This seminar is divided into two parts:

  • A first part with several reviews, followed by a practical and clinical application. This first part will allow us to establish the basis of fascial treatment on your part “Structural”.
  • The second part will allow us to approach fascias in their most subtle aspects through electromagnetism, epigenetism, the dating of injuries, the medicine of intention and the notions of quantum medicine.

We will illustrate these different topics with practical modalities through the treatment of babies, pregnancy, infertility and somatosensory, all this illustrated with examples clinical.


In recent years, scientific studies and publications on fascias have become increasingly numerous; evidence of the interest of medicine in this complex and little-known structure that we begin to glimpse in its different aspects, both from the physiological and pathological point of view. They carry the information message and are guarantors of good health.

The fascia is ubiquitous in the body. In fact, this is derived from the mesoblast, therefore, consider that this mesoblast is practically fascia. All structures of the body can be considered as fascia in different ways.

There are no osteopathic techniques without fascial participation, and they are the ones that act as a link between all our different techniques.

The growing study of the fascia constantly opens up new possibilities for therapeutic research

During this seminar, we will be able to approach the different subtleties of the fascias and decode their wide mode of action.


Through the review of its use, to understand the functioning of fascias well, we will present the different advances in science, especially with respect to embryology and the new possibilities represented by the study of stem cells and also the new concepts of embryological biodynamics.

We will also see the anatomical systematization of fascias. Finally, we will focus on the fascial mechanics under its different aspects and, in particular, the system of fascial tension and its interaction with the meridians of acupuncture and, therefore, the energy possibilities of the fascias.

Essentially practical, this first seminar will allow us to study the different therapeutic approaches.

Fascial structural techniquesTechniques of listening. Induction treatment.

This applies to different parts of the body with specific techniques adapted to each segment. We will particularly highlight the clinical experience that will allow immediate application in the office.


This second part will allow us to go even further in fascial decoding and integrate the “fourth dimension” in our therapy.

We will see:

  • The study of the plexuses and their treatment
  • Fascial specific techniques in elderly people
  • Sportsmen with sashes
  • Translation techniques
  • The technique of “transfixing”
  • The techniques of “despair” and self-correction
  • Electromagnetism and dating of injuries
  • Memory of the cell and its integration in the fascial system.
  • Epigenetics and its interest in fascial treatment.

We will apply these last two concepts directly to the treatment of women with sashes, infertility and treatments for babies.

Finally we will focus on the medicine of intention and quantum medicine that we will integrate to the fascial treatment.