“The best way not to fear the future is to create it.”

The Fascial Connection Congress is a Congress that seeks participation and collaboration between various health fields, for their joint contribution and global growth for the benefit of all. That is why it offers different Presentations and Courses available for various sectors of the health area, where their specific requirements are specified in each course. In this way, Health Professionals such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Kinesiologists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Manual Therapists, Midwives, Psychologists, Psychopedagogues, Trauma Therapists, and related professions can register for the Congress. As well as Sports Professionals and the world of Fitness.

3rd International Online and Face-to-Face Congress

Probably the lives of all human beings have changed to a great extent, in one way or another, with the arrival of Covid-19.

Many things were and are sad, others are positive, they open minds, hearts and innovate our way of life.

The Third International Online and Face-to-Face Congress, Fascial Connection, joins the second movement, that of positive things. Fascial Connection opens its doors so that health therapists and physical trainers have more voice in regulating the physiological states of human beings.

We share many things and ideas with allopathic medicine, which we respect and rely on. But our roots are in the nature of things, in biology, embryology, anatomy and in any discipline that helps us to be better people, better human beings and promotes health.

COVID-19 traumatized everyone, directly or indirectly, severely or only mildly, but has equally left visible and invisible scars. They even say that we have not yet understood the psychological and emotional scope of this problem. In other words, thinking of trauma as something easily understood is not only naive, but rather unreal. Especially in the materialistic model in which we live, trauma was always thought of as something physical and only a few intuitive ones saw the psychological and emotional complexity that was hidden behind the physical and psychological traumas.

For this reason, we have mobilized our forces and directed the 3rd Congress to the problems “Somato-Emotional”, to Trauma!

When we try to understand the regulation of physiological states, the regulation of human beings and their environment, we cannot ignore the brain and the fasciae.
In the same way, that the brain is the head of all the commands and the regulator of our life, it is not a secret, but the way of regulating and functioning of this organ is something mysterious. For this reason, the world experts who will come to our Congress will teach us and explain how the most complex and unknown organ of the human body works and is regulated.

Cerebro Trauma Fascia
En cuanto a las fascias, también aquí no tiene sentido, pensar en este tejido como una inútil aponeurosis que trasmite fuerzas de un punto A a un punto B. Las búsquedas científicas sobre las fascias crecen cada año y, esto es evidente para cualquiera que siga la línea de la “evidenced bases”. Por lo tanto, algunos de los más prestigiosos buscadores científicos y terapeutas manuales, nos indicaran durante estos 4 días, cómo funciona este precioso tejido, este complejo sistema.

The interoceptive and exteroceptive world is always more popular. Talking about these receptors is talking about the body, the origin of our sensations, the fasciae, the brain and homeostasis, in the management of trauma in the lives of human beings.

Fascial Connection will help us understand and regulate physiological states. And together we will write a new page in the development of the human being.

“In search of the understanding and dynamic regulation of physiological states”.