Hour Presentation Speaker
08:00 Registration  
08:45 Opening of the 3rd International Fascial Connection Congress.  
09:00 After Trauma: Is the Fascia the Same Again, Identically?

Jean-Claude Guimberteau

10:00 Hypopressive Method: “Postural, respiratory, abdominal, perineal and emotional impacts in women”. Marcel Caufriez
10:45 Break Coffee.  
11:10 Extending Life: “A Study on The Theory and Therapeutic Practice of Active Dynamic Stretching of the Fascial System for Healthy Aging in Daily Life”. Johannes Freiberg
12:00 Feldenkrais method: “Self-awareness through the TMJ movement”. Marilupe Campero
13:05 Discussion table.  
13:20 Lunch break.  
14:30 Physical and intangible connections in osteopathy. Jason Ross Haxton
15:15 Brain, Trauma, Fascia: “From the Aponeurotic Galea to the Neuro-Meningeal System”. José Luis Pérez Batlle
16:00 The trauma in the Polivagal vision: “Use and treatment in Manual Therapy”. Matías Chahab
16:50 Break Coffee.  
17:15 Information coming soon.  
18:00 Information coming soon.  
18:45 “Above the Fascias, the Brain”. Jean-Pierre Barral
19:30 Discussion table.  
19:50 Congress closing.  


Course Speaker Presentation
Advanced Visceral Manipulations: “Trauma”. 3-day course. Jean Pierre Barral  
Meningeal Approach 1 – Aponeurotic Approach- “Before Birth”. 3 day course José Luis Pérez Batlle  
“Hypopressive Physiotherapy 1 and 2”. Course of 3 or 5 days. Marcel Caufriez  
“Fascial Dynamics and Physical Activity in Aging 1 and 2”. Course of 3 or 5 days. Johannes Freiberg  
“Manual Therapy for the Polyvagal Theory of Stephen Porges 1”. 3 day course Matías Chahab