Questions about the FC2022 Congress

Who can attend the Congress?

For the first day, which is the day of Presentations, anyone interested in the Congress and its subject can attend, regardless of their profession. However, for the courses, please consult the necessary requirements to take them, clicking on each course individually and viewing its file in detail.

How long is the Congress?

The entire Congress, including attendance at the Day of Presentations and one of its courses offered, lasts 4 days. An exclusive first day of Presentations and 3 days later doing one of the courses. There is the possibility of extending the duration for 2 more days, in case of doing 2 consecutive levels with Marcel Caufriez or Johannes Freiberg.

How do I register for the Congress?

Going to the “Registration” section of our website. Select the option of the chosen Congress (either only day of Presentations or Presentations + Course) and the face-to-face or online format. Follow the instructions, both data and payment.

Will Congress be registered for later viewing?

Both in the online and face-to-face format, the day of the Presentations will be registered to be viewed from 72 hours after the end of the Congress and up to 3 months, always from our digital platform. For courses, you should consult the detailed file of each course, where it is specified whether it will be available or not.

Can you pay in installments?

To facilitate access to our congress and not leave out any student, both in person and online, we have made it possible to pay in different ways: credit card, bank transfer, payment market and cash. Depending on the credit card you have or if you have a paid market account, you will be able to access the congress by paying in installments. Take advantage of this possibility and register for a congress that you will not forget.

Who endorses Congress?

The IAHE, the prestigious international association of health educators, based in the USA. Regulatory body of health and manual therapy, it will be our first endorsement.

Questions about the Day of Presentations

Will I receive a certificate of the day of Presentations?

Yes, in the case of face-to-face assistance, it will be delivered on paper that same day. In the online case, it will be available to download once the day is over.

How many presentations can I see if I register on the first day?

If you are registered for the day of Presentations, access is for the whole day and all scheduled Presentations.

In what languages will the Presentations of the 1st Day of the Congress be?

The Presentations will be in Spanish and English, according to the speaker’s native language. However, there will be simultaneous translation into both English and Spanish.

Questions about the Courses

Will a certificate of the completed course be delivered?

In the case of 3-day courses, a certificate of attendance will be delivered at the end of the course, either on paper if it is face-to-face or digital in the case online. In the case of 5-day courses, where 2 consecutive courses will be held, two certificates will be awarded, one for each course.

Will the courses have translation?

Yes, there will be simultaneous translation into English and Spanish, both in the face-to-face version and online.

Can I change the course during the Congress?

No. Due to the policy and philosophy of our congress, our intention is that our students return to their work with new and effective tools to put into practice from the first day of work. Changing the course would be detrimental to be able to complete the lesson of the chosen teachers or institute. In addition, the interruption would cause the loss of the certification, which depending on the course has a precise and necessary time load to acquire the necessary knowledge.

Can the courses be videotaped?

No. Due to the Copyright policy and the Data Protection Law, it will not be possible to videotape the courses or take photographs. We remind you that some courses can be viewed again for 3 months. If this rule is incurred, the student will be sanctioned with the exclusion of the course without the possibility of any claim. However, audio recording will be allowed, always with the prior consent of the teacher and without prejudice to the development of the class.

Are these courses recognized for continuing training?

Yes, each course is recognized by the teacher who teaches it and signs the certificate of attendance, as well as by the institute it represents. So if you want, you can continue the training to the next level.